Once there was a dog named fred. He was a good dog but he was 130 pounds and supposed to be a small dog. But he was huge and he couldn't walk so he would have to roll everywhere he went. One time he and his owner Bill went to the grocery store. But Fred had his own little basket to ride. He couldn't walk and he definitely couldn't roll around a store But when they were in a dog food aisle a big man when his owner wasn't looking stole the basket and at the time he didn't know Fred was in there .so the guy got home from the pet store he was known for stealing stuff but when he looked in the basket there sat a really fat dog just looking at him.so he was very confused when he saw that dog it weighed a lot but he didnt realise there was a dog in it.He couldn't imagine a dog weighing that much.So he went back to the pet store and asked the clerk if he had seen the man he said he had left about 39 mins ago after looking for his dog then the clerk saw the fat dog roll into the store and he was a about to call the police but the guy said don't Call the cops i am going to return his dog to him so him and fred left but he did not when he was down the street a little bit he let fred off of his leash and let him roll away fred didn't know where he was or what he was he just knew how to roll around and then a old farm truck pulled up beside fred and the owner of the truck went and picked up fred and put him in the truck right now they were in oklahoma city but soon they ended up i a very small town in the middle of oklahoma and they were at a little farm in the middle of nowhere but the man his now was bob brung him into the house and they had never see a dog so fat but then there dog it was a hound went up to fred and didn't bite him or anything but rolled him over on his back so he couldn't get up but after he got back up bob said don't worry we're gonna get you back home but bob just left and nobody knew where they went fred was very confused but he just started rolling around somehow he got outside the window and he saw a truck being followed by a car on a dirt road and it was the fat dogs owner somehow bob found him he found a lost and found sign and saw the fat dog on it so bob called the number and it was his owner but now he found him they pulled in the driveway and freds owner picked him up and put him in his car and they lived happily ever after
dog named fred